Name: Verynn Tasmor

Role: Engineer (Expert)

Ability Scores: STR: -1, DEX: +2, CON: -1, INT: +4, WIS: +2, CHA: +0

Combat Bonus: +1

Defenses: Dodge: 13, Parry: 10

Reflex Saves: Toughness: -1, Fortitude: -1, Reflex: +5, Will: +2

Weapons: Gaslight Gun (+1 Attack, +2 Damage Bonus, 20/+3 Critical, 30’ Range) Description: A small six shot pistol with a rudimentary laser sight to enhance accuracy. The sight is composed of a small gas lantern, the light focused by two lenses and passed through a small ruby. Verynn invented the gun herself.

Other Equipment: Thieves’ Tools (Necessary for Disable Device checks), Night-Vision Goggles (Allows her to see in the dark for a very short period of time.)

Current Feats: Eidetic Memory, Firearms Training, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Improved Precise Shot

Trained Skills: Climb, Concentration, Craft: Mechanics (Airships, Mechanical Weapons, etc.), Diplomacy, Disable Device, Jump, Knowledge: Technology, Knowledge: Physical Sciences (Chemistry, mathematics, physics, and engineering.), Notice, Search, Drive (Land Vehicles), Pilot (Airships)

Physical Details: Sex: Female, Height: 5’7”, Weight: 157 lbs, Age: 35, Red hair, green eyes, pale skin.

Physical Description: Verynn has a boyish figure, and usually wears a large coat when out on missions, and overalls when back at the base. Her clothes are generally smudged with soot and other residue from her work on the airship and her other various inventions. She is always wearing a pair of blue-lensed goggles, usually resting around her neck instead of actually over her eyes. She carries her gun with her at all times in a holster strapped around her waist. She wears her hair in a loose braid that falls just past her shoulders.

Personality: Verynn is a genius, albeit a very eccentric one. She has a photographic memory, and is exceptional when it comes to mechanical things and the newer technologies of the age. Of course, to offset this genius, she has a tendency to drop a project right in the middle to go off and do something else entirely. She is also a little silly, and gets excited about things most people would consider pointless. On the other hand, when she is very set on doing something, she is very industrious about it, and can usually finish it very quickly.

Background: Verynn was born in Empire City, in the district the band of Sky Pirates now have their base. Her parents worked at the Gearman Standard airship factory before it closed down, and died during the intervening years. She ended up working for Rose & Rose Unlimited for a while, working on airships and other various projects. After a while she was fired for being “too impulsive and unreliable” and returned to her home. It was then that she found the airship prototype in the old factory and resolved to finish it and make it work.


Swords and Steam Verynn