Pearl Spoon

The Pearl Spoon is the small band of sky pirates’ airship. It was originally a prototype stealth airship in development at the Northern Supply Inc. airship yard where the pirates currently have their base. The partially built prototype and the plans were abandoned when the yard was abandoned, and were discovered by a curious Verynn many years later.

Verynn then proceeded to complete the prototype airship, working on it diligently over the years.

The Pearl Spoon is smaller than most craft, able to hold only a small crew. As such, the bulk of the ship is taken up by the engine, with a small crew quarters, galley, a small captain’s cabin, and the bridge, where the piloting equipment is.

The ship is held aloft by a balloon like most airships of the age, however the balloon also has a thin metal plating around it, to protect it. The ship is far more maneuverable than most craft, thanks to the “wings” attached to the front of the ship, as well as a large “fin” at the rear. It is also able to move at a quicker speed, thanks to its small size and the three large propellers at the rear of the ship. The ship also has an advanced auto-piloting system developed by Verynn, though the system tends to not work for extended periods of time.

The downside of its small size, the Pearl Spoon has little in the way of weaponry, only two small cannons attached to the sides of the ship.

Overall, the ship is in wonderful shape thanks to Verynn and Sidd’s expertise.

Pearl Spoon

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