Mickey Tellune

Wind Adept raised in the Empire City, proficient with knives, and carries two in each hand.


BackGround-Mickey was raised in Plenburg (Empire City) and had lived and performed in the cities circus for many years. Aside from learning various slight of hand tricks, and a little juggling, he learned to focus his energy to create bursts of wind. Once sufficiently capable of utilizing this ability he was given an act in the main ring, where he’d perform death defying tricks in the air with a set of mechanical wings that shoot out from a pack on Mickey’s back. When in his early Twenties, the Northern Supply INC. with the assistance of their senator stooge, disbanded the circus for more “profitable” endeavors. Since then, Mickey found himself in the Industrial slums of the city, street performing and, as the occasion allowed, pick pocketed for mere survival. One day a man named Sidd, who he’s seen around, approached him on a project he was working on, later to discover that Sidd was recruiting him as a sky pirate. Now a crew member of the Pearl Spoon, Mickey sees opportunity to fight the corporations and government for the destruction of what he considered home.

Personality- Not the most sociable of people, Mickey isn’t quick to spark a conversation, rather spends his time entertaining the crew, or anyone who’s willing to watch. He can often be found practicing wind shaping in the ship yard by various forms of manipulation of scrap metal, from keeping it afloat to smashing it into other targets. He knows his way around a card table, but stays away aware of the “tricks” most dealers have around the area.

Physical Description- Sex- Male; Height- 5’8”; Age- 27; Hair- Short, scraggly, black; Eyes- Brown; Attire-Short sleeved shirts, with pack on back, Loose fit jeans, and light foot apparel.; Weapons- Two knives that are sheathed in hidden compartment on the backpack.

Mickey Tellune

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